Rent our carpet shampooer and save money by cleaning your carpets yourself!  We carry (and highly recommend) the dry carpet shampoo method.  Dry shampooing is superior to the wet extraction method for the following reasons:

1) Your carpet and padding do not get soaked
2) No shampoo residue is left in your carpet, making your carpets stay cleaner longer
3) Great for removing spots and stains
4) Spots won't reappear
5) Safe for pets and kids
6) Deodorizes carpet naturally
7) Dust mites are reduced up to 80%
8) Mold spores and pet allergens are reduced up to 90%
9) Lifts matted carpet



Dry carpet shampoo

Dry shampooing is a simple 2 step process

STEP 1: Mist your carpet with a pre-spray and let it sit for 5 minutes.  This starts to break down the dirt and oils in your carpet.

STEP 2: Sprinkle down the dry shampoo.  Use the dry carpet shampooer to thoroughly brush the dry shampoo into your carpet.  Wait about an hour.  After, simply vacuum it up and you're done!


You will need 3 items: pre-spray, dry shampoo, and the dry shampoo machine.  The price of all 3 items combined ranges from $74.85 - $84.85, plus tax.  Here's how it breaks down.

1) The dry shampoo machine: $19.95-$29.95 per day, depending on which machine you rent (see MACHINE RENTAL OPTIONS below)

2) Pre-spray: $19.95
The one quart bottle covers 750-1,000 square feet

3) Dry shampoo: $34.95
The 15 pound bucket covers 750-1,000 square feet

If you don't use all of the pre-spray or dry shampoo, it is resealable and will last indefinitely!



LIGHT TO MEDIUM duty dry shampooer
$19.95 per day

Doing maintenance cleaning?  Need a light to medium duty dry shampooer?  Rent our standard dry shampoo machine, the Simplicity Healthy Homemaker.  It's perfect for light to medium duty cleaning.  It's very light in weight, but effective enough to scrub your carpets clean, remove spots and stains, and revive the nap of your carpet.  Two standard-sized rotating brushes separate carpet fibers to clean your carpet.  The telescopic metal handle adjusts to your height for ergonomic cleaning.

The Simplicity Healthy Homemaker dry shampooer is also available to purchase.  For details, click our shampooer page here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.



MEDIUM TO HEAVY DUTY dry shampooer
$29.95 per day

Have heavily soiled carpets?  Want to get the most cleaning effectiveness from shampooing?  Rent our medium to heavy duty dry shampooer, the Host dry carpet shampooer.  It's for medium to heavy duty cleaning.  This is a heavy-duty commercial machine that will have the most aggressive scrubbing action, yet it's still easy to use.  It's light in weight, but very effective in scrubbing your carpets clean, removing spots and stains, and reviving the nap of your carpet.  Two large rotating brushes separate carpet fibers to deep clean carpet.  The machine feels like it's floating on top of the carpet, making it very easy to maneuver.  Easily remove the long metal handle for use on stairs.

The Host dry carpet shampooer


Dirty water from a wet shampooer. This is what is in your carpet that needs to dry when you are done wet shampooing.

There are two ways you can shampoo your carpet.  You can use the wet method or the dry method.  The wet method is where a machine puts down a liquid solution of water and shampoo on your carpet and scrubs it in.  Then it extracts part of the liquid back into the machine.  Most of the "steam vacs" on the market use this method, even though they don't actually use steam.  The liquid that is left can eventually affect your carpet by potentially causing mold and bacteria.  In some cases it causes your carpet to stretch.  Your padding can also rot because it can't dry properly.  Plus, the shampoo residue that is left in your carpet attracts dirt and your carpet can become dirtier quicker.

Since dry shampooing doesn't wet your carpet, it better protects your carpet and padding.  It makes your carpets stay cleaner longer since it does NOT leave a residue.  You can walk on your carpets while your waiting to vacuum up the dry shampoo.  These products are non-toxic and are safe for pets.

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