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ALL ROBOT VACUUMS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!  The Miele Scout RX1 is arguably the highest quality and most effective robot vacuum on the market.  We feel it's the best, which is why it's the only robot vacuum we carry.  There's a reason why other robot vacuums can cost far less.  Many have inferior navigation systems which don't thorough clean all areas of your room.  Others simply lack an effective cleaning system and don't clean as well.  The Miele filters well and has a very intuitive operating system.  See below for the many superior features of the Miele Scout RX1.  If you see something you like elsewhere that isn't shown here, contact us.  We can quote you a price and let you know the service record of the model.  We are at or below Internet prices!  Remember, we match prices!


Miele Scout RX1


MSRP $699.95
Clearance Price: $449.95
Save $250

Find a lower price?  We match prices!

Save $250

  • Superior navigation system

  • Exceptional edge cleaning

  • Extra long battery life

  • Programmable

  • Manual or remote control

  • 1 year warranty, 7 years on casting

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Better view – better cleaning

Smart Navigation on the Scout RX1 combines three innovative features: The Indoor Positioning System with ceiling camera ensures reliable navigation. Furniture Protection Technology with 10 sensors avoids collisions and falls. Plus Advanced Corner Cleaning cleans especially effectively with extra-long side brushes and a special mode for corners and edges. Thus the Scout RX1 ensures thorough cleaning of your floors.


Thorough in every corner

Where does most of the dust collect? In corners and at edges where there is the least air movement. Luckily the Scout RX1 has its own Corner mode. In this mode the Scout RX1 first cleans all areas in Auto mode. Then it goes round all rooms again to do the edges. So you can be sure that dirt is thoroughly removed from corners and edges.  It's in these areas that many robot vacuum cleaners do not perform well. The Scout is different: with its 3D Navigation System, it finds its way to remote corners and edges – where its extra-long side brushes capture all the dirt.


Edge cleaning

Dust and dirt like to creep into the corner of a room. It's in these areas that many robot vacuum cleaners do not perform well. The Scout is different: with its 3D Navigation System, it finds its way to remote corners and edges – where its extra-long side brushes capture all the dirt.


3-times more thorough

The Miele Scout RX1 tackles dirt in three ways: The two rotating side brushes pull the dirt from corners and edges under the appliance. The roller brush then picks up larger particles of dirt. And the powerful DC motor powerfully vacuums up fine dust.


Easy empty dirt tray

The dirt tray easily pops out for quick cleaning. It also provides easy access to the AirClean filter.  The Scout's dirt tray is large, enabling it to hold more dirt when cleaning large areas.  The Scout has a squeegee that sweeps bare floors.  The squeegee is integrated into the dirt tray assembly enabling you to easily clean it should it become dirty.


For cleaner room air

The AirClean filter ensures that the vacuumed dust remains where it belongs: In the Scout RX1's dust box. The two-stage AirClean system filters dirt particles from the vacuumed air particularly thoroughly. With Scout RX1, there will be less fine dust in the air than before vacuuming.




Safe over edges and wires

With its powerful motor and anti-skid wheels, the Scout masters the transition from smooth floors to carpet without any problem. Even thresholds do not throw it off balance. So you can be reassured that the Miele robot vacuum cleaner will steadily follow its route – to clean your home effectively.


Does not run into anything. Does not trip up.

7 optical sensors at the front of the Scout recognize furniture and other obstacles in the path of the robot vacuum cleaner. The Scout approaches these objects carefully in order to clean the floor directly in front of them. Collisions are reliably avoided. An additional 3 sensors underneath the appliance recognize steps in the floor in time and prevent the Scout from falling down stairs.


3 times longer battery life

Thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Scout RX1’s run-time is never compromised. Even after 300 full charges the battery still generates the same amount of power as it did when it was new.


Start time freely programmable

With the Scout you can set up to 7 different cleaning programs. You can have it work, for instance, when you are not even at home. The Scout will begin cleaning at the selected time. The appliance then returns to the charging station on its own to recharge the battery. So feel free to go out while the Scout cleans your home.


Cleans by itself

In Auto mode, the Scout cleans all accessible rooms completely on its own: it leaves its charging station, cleans the desired floor areas and returns to its charging station. If the battery charge is not sufficient for all areas, it interrupts the cleaning process in order to charge its batteries at the station. Once fully recharged, it resumes cleaning from where it left off.


Big help for small areas

Crumbs under the breakfast table? Dog hair in front of the sofa? The Scout even takes care of these little mishaps for you: simply activate the Spot mode and the Scout cleans a target area of about 180 x 180 cm.


Systematic navigation

Ceiling camera, gyrosensor and innovative software create the indoor positioning system. With this intelligent navigation system even difficult-to-reach areas and edge areas are reliably cleaned.  With systematically navigating robot vacuum cleaners, gyro-sensors and a ceiling camera guarantee that the robot can orientate itself around the room. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floor in parallel lines. Many appliances, however, do not even clean accessible floor areas or edge areas reliably.

The simplest robot vacuum cleaners have no ceiling camera and are unable to recognize the layout of the room; they move "blindly" throughout the room. If they encounter an obstacle they change their direction. This non-systematic approach uses up a lot of electricity, and the vacuuming is patchy.


Vacuuming in a jiffy (automatically)!

For quick cleaning in between the Scout offers the Turbo mode: here the Miele robot vacuum cleaner moves in its systematic path but further apart to save time. Really great if time is of the essence.


Controlling the robot vacuum cleaner manually

Would you like to use the Scout RX1 in a different way to its automatic programs? No problem – with the remote control provided, you can also operate the robot vacuum cleaner yourself. With simple commands the Scout RX1 can be guided to certain areas, which it then cleans thoroughly.


Simple, intuitive operation

Operating the Miele robot vacuum cleaner is so easy. You can select the desired program and start the Scout RX1 with only two touches on the clearly laid out touch display. It takes care of the rest on its own. Alternatively, you can enter the commands on the remote control – from the comfort of your chair.

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