Steam vacs, shampooers, carpet cleaners, carpet shampooers, carpet scrubbers...they go by many names. However, they almost all refer to the WET method. Hoover and Bissell are the two biggest names in this category.  The wet method increases dust mites and allergens because of the moisture.  It also makes your carpets get dirtier quicker, due to shampoo residue being left in your carpet.  Your padding can also rot because it has a hard time drying (which can lead to mold and bacteria).  DRY shampooing doesn’t soak your carpet or leave a shampoo residue.  This makes your carpets stay cleaner longer.  It also is excellent in removing spots and stains.  Dry shampooing deodorizes your carpets too.  It's safe for pets and you don't have to wait hours for your carpet to dry.  A dry carpet shampooer is up to 80% LIGHTER than a water loaded steam vac!  Riccar and Lindhaus are the two biggest names in the dry shampoo category.

How the WET method works:
Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center Steam Vac and Extractors

With the wet extraction method, a machine puts down a liquid solution of water and shampoo into your carpet and scrubs it in.  Then it extracts part of the liquid back into the machine.  Most of the "steam vacs" on the market use this method, even though they don't actually use steam.  Examples are Bissell and Hoover steam vacs and shampooers.  The liquid that is left can eventually affect your carpet by potentially causing mold and bacteria because your carpet and padding gets soaked.  In some cases, it causes your carpet to stretch.  Your padding can also rot because it can't dry properly.  Plus, the shampoo residue that is left in your carpet attracts dirt and your carpet can become dirtier quicker.

If you ever used a steam vac, don't you love when you go to empty your steam vac tank in your sink and you pour out black water?  Don't you feel good about the water being REALLY dirty?  That means all the dirt must now be out of your carpet, right?  Well, doesn't your carpet need to dry for a few hours?  What moisture do you think is in your carpet?  Do you think it's clean, clear water, or that dirty, black water?  Yes, it's that gross, dirty, black water.  Maybe your carpet isn't as clean as you thought after wet shampooing.  Plus, there's shampoo residue in your carpet that will attract dirt and make your carpets get dirtier quicker.  Is there a better way?  YES!  It's called dry shampooing.

How the DRY method works:  Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center Lindhaus Dry Shampooers

The dry method eliminates these and other problems.  It's a simple 2 step process.  First, lightly mist your carpet with a pre-spray and let it sit for 5 minutes.  This starts to break down the dirt and oils in your carpet.  Second, sprinkle down the dry shampoo, which resembles a moist granule.  A dry carpet shampooer thoroughly brushes the dry shampoo into your carpet, cleaning it in the process.  The granules act like little sponges, absorbing all the dirt and oils.  After about an hour or so, simply vacuum up the granules with your vacuum cleaner and you're done!  Your carpet will be clean again and without any shampoo residue to attract dirt.  One of the best dry shampoo products on the market is the Riccar Carpet Keeper (see below).


3,000+: The number of steam vacs (wet method) we've repaired
0: The number of dry shampooers we've repaired (including the ones we rent!)



Dry shampooers aren't as popular as the wet shampooers.  The reason is that, with wet shampooers, you get that visual satisfaction of seeing the dirt as you dump the dirty water down the drain.  You don't see the dirt with dry shampooers, because the dirt is absorbed by the tiny dry shampoo granules that you eventually vacuum up.  One of the best dry shamppoers is the Riccar Carpet Keeper (see below).


Riccar Carpet Keeper Dry Carpet Shampooer Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center

The Riccar Carpet Keeper is a dry shampoo machine that does the work for you.  With its two rotating brushes, the Riccar Carpet Cleaner scrubs the dry shampoo into the carpet to remove the dirt and oils.  The brushes spin in opposite directions to separate the carpet fibers enabling you to deep clean your carpet.  The height adjustor allows you to fine tune the setting for your carpet height, ensuring the proper brush height for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

The telescopic metal handle adjusts to your height and collapses down for storage.  It is VERY lightweight, weighing just a fraction of what the wet shampooers weigh.  It also takes up far less storage space.

Riccar Carpet Keepr Dry Carpet Shampooer Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center


  For details, click here


Want a vacuum cleaner and dry shampooer in one machine?  Consider the Lindhaus Activa, Diamante or Healthcare Pro.  The same machine that is used for vacuuming your carpet is quickly and easily converted to a dry shampooerThe mechanical action of the rotating brush, in conjunction with the dry shampoo, gives you the proper solution to hygienically clean carpets and rugs easily without water or the risk of over wetting.  To truly disinfect your carpet (and other surfaces), click here.




They go by many names: steam vacs, shampooers, scrubbers, etc.  Technically, the correct name is extractors.  They don't actually produce steam.  These machines dispense a shampoo solution, scrub it into your carpet, and extract it back into the machine.  There is a BIG difference in makes AND models.  We are experts and can explain the differences.  Come in and see which model is best for you!  To truly disinfect your carpet (and other surfaces), click here.



Bissell 36Z9 Vacuum Cleaner Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center

Twelve rows of dual rotating PowerBrushes, a pet hair collection basket, Cleanshot®, DuraStrength nozzle, and Stain Trapper tool provide everything you need to get the job done.  With effective deep cleaning, feel confident that each room in your home is ready for life—and your furry friends. 

  • Advanced cleaning system targets pet stains and odors and delivers professional-style results for a carpet cleaner with effective deep cleaning
  • 12 rows of dual rotating Powerbrushes
  • EdgeSweep® cleans against baseboards and Surround Suction® helps dry surfaces fast
  • Heatwave Technology® helps maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process
  • Pet hair collection basket, Cleanshot®, DuraStrength nozzle, and specialized Stain Trapper tool
  • Includes trial size of 2X Pet Stain and Odor Formula
  • CleanShot® heavy duty spot cleaning system provides targeted on-demand solution to help remove tough set-in stains.

For information on the best shampoo and stain remover, click here.

This is a normal stock item in our Centers

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HOOVER #F5912-900


This is Hoover's tried and true design.  It's easy to use and has a good service record.  It features 5 rotating SpinScrub brushes to deep clean your carpet, heated cleaning, and a rotating SpinScrub powered hand tool for steps, furniture, and cars.

* SpinScrub Multiple Rotating Brush System
* Heated Cleaning - Applies heat directly to the floor
* Removable Rotating Brushes for quick rinse cleaning
* Fingertip Clean Surge function for spot removal and heavy traffic areas
* Two separate translucent tanks to keep clean solution and dirty water separate
* No belts to change, break, or replace
* SpinScrub Powered hand tool for cleaning stairs & upholstery
* 12 AMP motor
* Cleaning Solutions Included: One 16 oz. Carpet/Upholstery Detergen

For information on the best shampoo and stain remover, click here.

This is a normal stock item in our Centers

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Hoover FH50950 Power Path Carpet Washer Steam Vac Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center


The Hoover Power Path Carpet Washer #FH50950 has a lightweight design that makes it MUCH easier to move and carry compared to other steam vacs.  It deep cleans your carpet with TWO powerful rotating brushes that spin in opposite directions.  These brushes separate the carpet fibers for deep cleaning.

The Power Path Carpet Washer has a width of just 11 3/4 inches, allowing you to get in between chair legs and other tight places.  Accesories are included so you can clean furniture, steps, and vehicles. 


  • DualSpin® PowerBrushes combine the power of two brushes to lift tough, deep down dirt up and out.
  • Lightweight Design lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease.
  • Dual Tank Technology separates clean and dirty water for easy filling and emptying.
  • Tank Capacity 3/4 gallon tank for less frequent trips to the sink.
  • Wide Path Nozzle 11 3/4 in. cleaning path.
  • Fingertip Solution Control lets you squeeze to release cleaning solution.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Accessory Tool Packgreat for upholstery, stairs, furniture, spot cleaning and anything in between.
    • 8 ft. Accessory Hose
    • Upholstery Tool cleans furniture surfaces and other decor.
    • Mesh Storage Bag
    • (1) 16 oz. Bottle of Solution

For information on the best shampoo and stain remover, click here.

This is a normal stock item in our Centers

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Hoover FH10025 Spot Scrubber Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center


The Hoover #FH10025 Spot Scrubber is the perfect portable carpet and upholstery cleaner.  Clean stains, spills, and anything else without having to get out a full sized shampooer.  This compact and lightweight scrubber comes with an attachmant for clean ups on bare surfaces, too!


  • Cleans carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces!
  • Carpet / Upholstery tool with 3 rows of bristles
  • Swivel squeegee tool cleans hard surfaces
  • Hose Length: 48"
  • Nozzle Width: 3"
  • Easy-to-Use Interlocking Tanks
  • 4' Hand Tool/Hose Reach
  • On-board Hose, Cord and Tool Storage
  • 15' Power Cord


  • 8 oz. Deep Cleansing Carpet / Upholstery Detergent
  • 8 oz. Floor to Floor Detergent

For information on the best shampoo and stain remover, click here.

This is a normal stock item in our Centers

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For more information on WET vs. DRY, click here.

For more information on the Lindhaus dry shampoo system, click here.

For more information on Lindhaus cleaning products click



Did you know you can improve the cleaning effectiveness of your steam vac (extractor) by using a high-grade shampoo?  You can!  MOST shampoos are just average.  They also are VERY watered down.  They sell it in LARGE containers to make you think you're getting a bargain.  You're buying mostly water!  You probably just pick up what's on sale and don't think about it.  There is a HUGE difference in shampoos.  One of the BEST shampoos on the market is a shampoo called Extract'aire.  Why?  It is an organic alcohol-based shampoo.  There are a whole host of advantages to organic alcohol-based Extract'aire shampoo.

Lindhaus Extractaire Carpet Shampoo Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center

* Dries your carpets quicker because alcohol evaporates quickly
* The organic alcohol disinfects your carpets
* It is VERY concentrated.  ONE ounce of shampoo is needed per gallon of water (two ounces for very dirty carpet).  Most shampoos takes FIVE ounces per gallon!
* It does NOT leave a residue!  This makes your carpets stay cleaner longer!
* Deodorizes naturally
* Contains optical brighteners to make your carpet look clean
* Reduces allergens
* Contains NO chlorinated solvents
* Contains NO petroleum distilates
* Is VERY effective at removing spots and stains

In fact, it is SO good at removing spots and stains, they spun off Extract'aire into an organic alcohol-based stain remover!  Scroll down to see "What's Best For Spots & Stains?"

For more information on Extract'aire, click
here, enter the Lindhaus website, then click on
Pure Power Extract'aire.



What's Best For Spots & Stains?

There are MANY different stain removers on the market.  All claim to remove all types of stains.  The truth is, they don't.  Why?  Chemically, there are three categories of stains and most stain removers are designed to remove stains in only one or two of those categories.  If you do have a stain remover that removes a stain, did you ever see the stain reappear?  Did you ever see the spot disappear, but then later on that area gets dirty quickly?  The reason this happens is that virtually ALL stain removers leave a residue.  They may remove the stain, but the residue attracts dirt and the area you treated gets dirtier than the rest of the carpet.  The only way to solve that problem is to use a residue-free stain remover.  One example of that is a stain remover called Velocity.  Not only is it residue-free, but it is designed to remove stains in ALL THREE categories!  Velocity removes over 2000 stains!  It is the BEST stain remover we have ever tried.  Based on customer satisfaction, thousands of you would agree.



Lindhaus Pure Power Velocity Stain Remover Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center

Lindhaus Pure Power Velocity Stain Remover sprays out at over 70 MPH to blast away stains, especially on carpet. Pure Power Velocity will easily blast through tough stains of all types and removes stains including Kool-aid, wine and grease. It is safe for homes with pets.  It's easy to use without rubbing or scrubbing. Stains are quickly removed, leaving a fresh smell.  THIS IS OUR BEST SELLING STAIN REMOVER!  We have sold THOUSANDS of cans of Velocity and our customers come back for more because of its incredible effectiveness!  Stop into our Center and we'll PROVE how well this works.  This is no gimmick.  Pure Power Velocity is the real deal!  It works on carpet, upholstery, clothing, and bare surfaces.  If Velocity does not get out your stain, it's probably never coming out!  That's how good this is.

For more information on Velocity, click here, enter the Lindhaus website, then click on Pure Power Velocity.




Serving the following PA towns for steam vacs, carpet shampooers, dry shampooers, extractors, Hoover steam vacs, Bissell steam vacs, carpet shampooer rentals, and more:  Abbottstown 17301, Annville 17003, Aspers 17304, Blain 17006, Boling Springs 17007, Bressler 17113, Camp Hill 17011, Carlisle 17013, 17015, Dauphin 17018, Dillsburg 17019, Etters, 17319, Dover 17315, Duncannon 17020, Elizabethtown 17022, Elizabethville 17023, Elliottsburg 17024, Enhaut 17113, Enola 17025, Gardners 17324, Grantham 17027, Grantville 17029, Gratz, 17030, Halifax 17032, Hanover 17331, 17332, 17333, 17334, Harrisburg  17101, 17102, 17103, 17104, 17105, 17106, 17107, 17108, 17019, 17110, 17111, 17112, 17113, 17120, 17121, 17122, 17123, 17124, 17125, 17126, 17127, 17128, 17129, 17130, 17140, 17177,  Hershey 17033, Hummelstown 17036, Ickesburg 17037, Jonestown 17038, Landisburg 17040, Lebanon 17042, 17046, 17091, Lemoyne 17034, Lewisberry 17339, Lewisburg 17837, Linglestown 17112, Liverpool 17045, Loysville 17047, Lykens 17048, Marysville 17053, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, 17055, Middletown 17057, Mifflinburg 17844, Millersburg 17061, Millerstown 17062, Mount Holly Springs 17065, New Kingstown 17072, New Cumberland 17070, New Bloomfield 17068, Newport 17074, Newville 17241, Oberlin 17113, Palmyra 17078, Port Royal 17082, Shermans Dale 17090, Shiremanstown 17011, Spring Grove 17362, Steelton 17113, Wellsville 17365, Wormleysburg 17043, York Haven 17370, PA

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