MISTAKE #1: THINKING INFRARED QUARTZ IS THE BEST HEATING ELEMENT - It was amazing. We did a LOT of research on heaters to find one we were comfortable carrying. We looked at them all, Eden Pure, iHeat, Sun Heat, the "Amish" heaters, and more. They ALL had the same principle. The infrared quartz heating element sits inside a metal tube (the REALLY old technology heaters use bulbs instead of infrared quartz elements). The element heats up, which heats the tube.  The tube radiates heat back onto the element and burns out the infrared quartz element. Some companies brag that in about 5 years, a customer would spend the same amount in replacing infrared quartz elements as they spent on buying the heater itself! Their strategy was to have a nice, low price on their heater to get the customer to buy, then have the customer locked into buying their infrared quartz elements. NOT a good way to go.

THE SOLUTION: The ONLY heater that we found that did NOT have the infrared quartz element (or bulb) design, was the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater. Their heating element is inside a mineral filled tube which draws the heat AWAY from the element. The heat is transferred onto stainless steel fins and the fan blows it into your room. Because the heating element does NOT get heat radiated back onto it, it lasts longer. MUCH longer! The heating element of the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater is guaranteed for TEN YEARS! That is off the charts in the heater industry. Most companies want you to buy their replacement elements. Riccar's technology means you may never have to replace your element! 

MISTAKE #2: BELIEVING MANUFACTURER'S CLAIMS - The ethics of many heater companies are questionable. Have you seen the claims the heater companies make? They claim to save you 50% on your heating bills. How do they know what your heating bill is? Others claim their heaters cost a certain amount an hour to run. Electricity rates in Pennsylvania are different from rates in Texas or California. Companies cannot possibly make a blanket statement like that and be accurate.

THE SOLUTION: When you see a manufacturer making claims like these, it should send up a red flag. Look for a manufacturer that gives you FACTS and not claims. 

MISTAKE #3: IGNORING THE FAN POWER - One key feature that isn't brought up by heater companies is how powerful the fan is in the heater. They may state how many square feet the heater can heat, but how long does it take to heat it? A lot of the heaters we researched had weak fans which made the heater run constantly to try and heat up an area. If a heater has a strong fan, it will heat an area quickly and the heater's thermostat will kick in and cycle down the heater. When the heater cycles down, it uses less electricity, which saves you money. The bottom line is the quicker a heater can heat an area, the less it will run.

THE SOLUTION: We found the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater to have a VERY powerful fan. It heats 1,000 square feet and does it FAST. It heats an area quickly, which cycles down the heater and saves you money.  Don't just take our word for it, stop into our Centers and feel for yourself how powerful this fan is.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We've done a LOT of research and decided on the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater. It has the LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP of ANY heater on the market. Why? There are NO heating elements to replace, NO bulbs to replace, NO filters to replace, and NO internal maintenance needed. It heats an area quickly with its powerful fan. The best part? It's AMERICAN MADE! It's made in United States, right in the heartland of our country in St. James, Missouri. Plus, the heater is REAL wood and has a beautiful finish and looks like a piece of furniture. The felt-touch vent assures you that you won't burn your fingers if you touch the vent. The tip-over switch is a nice safety feature because it shuts the heater off if it gets knocked over. The adjustable thermostat allows you set the temperature to your own comfort level.





 With a TEN YEAR warranty on the heating element!


REAL Wood - Oak Finish


REAL Wood - Cherry Finish


To view a video on the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater,
click on the video below or click here.


* NO expensive infrared quartz elements to replace
* NO expensive bulbs to replace
* NO filters to replace
* NO internal maintenance needed



No expensive infrared quartz elements or bulbs to replace


Riccar Heaters are
in St. James, MO

Where are other heaters made?

Eden Pure: China
iHeater: China
In fact, most heaters are made in China



* Can't start a fire
* Shuts off automatically if tipped over
* Felt-touch vent can't burn hands



Reduce your heating bill with the EFFICIENT design of the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average homeowner can reduce heating bills by 3% for every one degree the central heating system is turned back!

The U.S. Department of Energy also states that zone heating can produce energy savings of more than 20% compared to heating both occupied and unoccupied areas of your house.



Many heater manufacturers make claims that their heaters will reduce your heating bill by 20%, 30%, or even 50%.  Why doesn't Riccar make this claim?  Because in all honesty, NO one can accurately make that claim.  The manufacturer has no idea what your heating bill is.  They don't know how much you pay for electricity either.

So how can these manufacturers know they can save you a certain percent? They can't. It's all marketing to get you to buy their heater. Riccar doesn't play that game.  No outrageous claims, no stories that they're made by the Amish, no heating elements to replace.  They manufacture one of the best heaters on the market right here in America and give you straight talk as to how it will perform.  No games, no gimmicks.



Ever notice how the main point some manufacturers make about their heater is that the wood cabinet is Amish made?  The biggest reason is to take the focus away from the internal workings of the heater itself.  Some of these "Amish" heaters are amongst the most inferior in terms of their performance and durability.

Riccar heaters are American made and the REAL wood cabinet is of such a high quality, you can display it in your room like a piece of furniture.  Available in oak or cherry, Riccar heaters look stylish on the outside, but are REAL heaters on the inside that are built for durability, efficiency, with virtually NO maintenance.


Riccar Summer Breeze
Zone Heater
REAL wood
(oak or cherry finish)

Riccar has been a leader in quality vacuum cleaners for over 60 years.  Of the 20 brands we carry, Riccar is our #1 selling brand of vacuums!  Reduce your home heating costs and increase your comfort!  Outsmart the energy companies with a Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater. By heating only the areas of your home that you frequently occupy to a warm and toasty temperature, you'll reduce your energy bills without having to bundle up indoors. The Summer Breeze Zone Heater cleverly disguises itself as it's just the right height to double as an end table next to a chair or couch.

The solid wood construction of the mission-style furniture-grade cabinet is available in oak and cherry finishes to blend beautifully into any room. With the Summer Breeze, you WON'T have the hassle or expense of replacing bulbs.

Our exclusive heating element is guaranteed for 10 years. Trust the quality, performance and safety of Summer Breeze Zone Heaters built right here in AmericaWhile others require you to send your heater back for service, we repair Riccar heaters in our Centers!

To download a brochure on the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater, click here.

To download a comparison on heat sources for heaters, click here.

To visit the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater website, click here.



Most all zone heaters, including the Solar Comfort, Edenpure, Sun Heat and other heaters use infrared radiation technology. In reality, they are all "forced air" heaters. While the heat source of these heaters may be infrared radiation, the source is only used to heat a heat exchanger of some kind, which in turn is used to heat the air which is forced through the unit by a fan. It's important to know that the infrared bulbs or elements are designed to project energy over distance, not to be contained in a small chamber where much of the radiation is reflected back upon the element. This condition significantly raises the temperature of the bulbs and elements creating a relatively short life. This short life presents both reliability issues and on-going maintenance costs.

The engineers at Riccar asked the question, "Why not heat the air directly with a heat source that is reliable and has a service life many times longer that that of the best bulb or quartz element?"

So Riccar began research on zone heaters and as with most things they make, they wanted a true and demonstrable competitive advantage that consumers would care about. To that end, they sourced what they believe is the best possible heat source for their Riccar Summer Breeze zone heater. It uses a Magnesium Oxide Insulated Finned Tubular Heating Element.



The Magnesium Oxide Insulated Finned Tubular Heating Element is the heart of the Riccar heater and is what sets it apart from "copy-cat" heaters. Here's how it works: Air passes across the 172 stainless steel fins of the heating element where it is brought up to approximately 200 degrees. The magnesium oxide inside the element tube pulls the heat energy from the filament wire to the stainless steel tube and fins, which act as an integrated heat exchanger with the air. The magnesium oxide in the tubular heating element not only works to protect the filament wire, but also significantly reduces the temperature of the filament wire when compared to that of the infrared quartz elements or bulbs.

The efficient transfer of heat away from the filament wire prevents burnout and provides longer life of the heat source. In fact, the heating element in the Riccar Summer Breeze Zone Heater has a rated design life of 50,000+ hours. With this design, they are able to address the main durability/maintenance issue of infrared quartz heaters and offer a full 10 Year Warranty on their heating element!

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